Variable frequency and duty cycle pwm arduino

At around 38kHz, you wont see a flicker, but by altering the duty cycle, you'll see the led brightness change. With the code example I gave, you can, by changing the prescaler to 1024, get a frequency of between about 60 Hz and 15 Khz but the duty cycle adjustment may not be very granular, especially at the extremities of the range. The duty cycles of the PWM signals are updated when a pushbutton is pressed (speed up or The traditional means of detecting operation is a stall counter - increment a variable every millisecond or so The duty cycle is set by the Arduino microcontroller and it's not related to motor supply voltage.From my experience, at high duty cycle, it is difficult to obtain a good performance using a digital implementation of PWM because of the resolution requirements.

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I have trouble getting started -- how to configure the PWM, and how to setup interrupts. Basically I need: A digital output pin with PWM at a frequency of about 125 kHz (variable from ~ 100 to ~ 150 kHz) which can vary duty cycle from ~ 10 % (e.g. on for 1 us) to ~ 50 % (4 us on). I need duty cycle variable with fine resolution (1 % = 100 ns).

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If you remember, with PWM, you can either vary the duty cycle or the frequency. Controlling the brightness of a LED, ie. produce a variable voltage on the average, can be done by having a constant frequency (high enough) and vary the duty cycle. This time, this will be the opposite: we'll have a constant duty cycle, and vary the frequency. Arduino 3 phase induction motor variable frequency Try this, this is a mangled AVR495 which should compile with avr-gcc. I added some odds and ends such as the external control scheme, and *other* changes from the original files, so beware 8) There may be signals or inputs that if missing may shut the outputs down making it appear dead.

Hence the duty-cycle and the PWM frequency are both adjustable (in the deep background) without having to use timer overflow interrupts. the other device will read the duty cycle as data coming and react differently depending on the duty cycle coming in. any suggestion that can help me please.This article deals with the generation PWM signals with variable duty from 0% to 100% using VHDL and its application in field programmable gate arrays. The article also discusses the usage DCM for...

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